Monday, 23rd of May 2022

Contact Us: 07900 581 557

Monday, 23rd of May 2022

Contact Us: 07900 581 557

Lifeline SEO

Netpromote's Lifeline SEO service is aimed at small business websites that need a boost to get some decent listings in search engines. The process is almost exactly the same as our full SEO package except that we focus on one or two specific search terms for your website.

This search engine optimisation Package is best suited to the smaller site concentrating on the promotion of a small group of related products or services.

We concentrate on improving the search engine friendliness of web site's welcome page and coding the pathways which search engine spiders will take to rank the site's entire content.

Life Line optimisation and promotion aims:

  • To create a search engine friendly entrance to your site.
  • To improve the relevancy to specific keywords.
  • To create pathways to the rest of your site.
  • To attainhigh listings in all major engines and directories.
  • To attain top 30 rankings for your chosen keywords.

Life Line Optimisation:

  • Evaluation and basic repair of your main page.
  • Keyword consultancy on popular search terms related to your site.
  • Add or change basic meta tag coding in relation to the keyword consultancy.
  • Add advanced coding to reinforce keywords.
  • Improve the available text content of the page in relation to the keywords.
  • Add links and link text to aid search engine navigation to the rest of your site.

Life Line promotion and on going consultancy:

  • Monthly submissions of your main top level pages.
  • Monthly reporting on your search engine positions.
  • On going consultancy regarding extra promotion (pay per click and paid inclusion).
  • Quarterly consultancy on how to improve your site for both search engines and visitors.

Life Line Results:

  • You will have a fully optimised entrance to your site. These changes are a permanent benefit.
  • You will attain significant listings in all the major search engines and directories.
  • You will gain targeted pre-qualified traffic to your site.

Our prices are leading the market with LIFELINE package consultancy starting at

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