Wednesday, 26th of January 2022

Contact Us: 07900 581 557

Wednesday, 26th of January 2022

Contact Us: 07900 581 557

Netpromote small business web design

Netpromote have been approached by small businesses needing a web site to promote there business and sell over the Internet. Being small businesses they have tight budgets, so we are looking for new ways to get clients online working to a strict budget.

First we will need to develop the look of your site.

Netpromote offer a wide range of options to suit your business, budget and time frame form simple clean design to complex multifunctional web sites 

Standard template

The site template is base on one of our set layouts, netpromote will change the set elements like the logo to your images and text.

If you are on a budget we recommend this option the template of the site can be changed at a later date once your online business has improved

Bespoke template

We will design and produce a one or more page layout templates for your site. with consultation on the design of the site to suit your branding and image. When your site is a show case for your brand more time should be spent on the design and layout of a bespoke template.

Content Needed

Before we begin production of your site we will need the following information.


Basic Website Content Needed

  • Main page banner, this is the main logo banner at the top of the site.
  • Background image, this will be the backgrond showing eather site of the web site usuallya plain clour or a texture
  • Front page text, the main page of your site need to explain who you are and what the site offers.
  • About us text, explain in more detail who you are and the concept of your site
  • Contact us text and details, how people can get in contact.
  • Google map, where you are
  • Slide show, multiple images to give the correct impression
  • 1 set of photographs titled and ordered, for the slide show
  • Extra staff/organiser photos for about us page.

Category pages

catagory pages provide an introduction to one area of your site and then display the items with in this can be a product cattagory and the product items or a division of your buiness and the services they provide. The catagory and item system will also be applied to areas like you newswhere there  will be an introduction  and then the list of news stories linking to the items

For each category page we will need introduction text to that section, body content giving highlights of the section, then text to lead the visitor on to the product/service pages. so we will need

  • Introduction Text
  • Main body about the section of the business
  • Calls to action leading the visitor further in to the site.
  • 1 image main image or a set of images for a slide show

Product pages

The category pages will then lead on to what we will describe as the product page. these are the detail age about what you are selling whether that is a item, a service, an event or just information.

In a shopping site this will be the page that displays the product for sale before it is added to the shopping basket.

In service site is will be a description of the service which will then lead to the contact us form.

In an event promotion site it will be the description of the one day/night. Where the category page will be a general description of the event and each day/night is the items contained in this catagory

For these pages we will need

  • Text for the product service
  • A main image
  • A set of images
  • We need a call to Acton in each page buy now, book now, for more information please email us etc

For more information please submit your requirements on our

 Web Design Enquiry Form

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