Sunday, 18th of August 2019

Contact Us: 07900 581 557

Sunday, 18th of August 2019

Contact Us: 07900 581 557

Revolutionary ShowSuit fabric system is the most portable, the most seamless, the most beautiful, the most cost-effective shell scheme liner on the planet.  

Use it again and again. Because it's fabric, it's easy to pack and carry but hard to fact it's fully washable.   

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How Google crawls and uindexes you web site and its content

Exhibition displays

Get your business noticed with fresco specialised portable exhibition displays and banners

Fresco provide all you need to stand out at exhibitions trade shows and events. Make the exhibition space your own and stand out from the crowd with our easy to use cost effective systems.

  • Curvorama flexible freestanding exhibition background Curvorama can be used as a wall wrap or free standing display. Our most flexible option, adaptable to suit multiple exhibitions.
  • ShowSuit a folding fabric banner system easy to hang durable and washable for a long life.
  • ShellTac, self adhesive light weight system .
  • VBanner, banner on a roll . VBanner is an easy to hang and reusable eye level banner

The Curvorama System

Curvorama Flexible wpcf 480x480What Curvorama a unique overlap joining for continuous exhibition display graphics, fresco's patented instant curves, clever but simple tension system makes Curvorama a flexible solution adaptable to any exhibition or show area.

Curvorama is a free standing flexible banner system which can be used to line walls of your exhibition stand or can be free standing to create backdrops and walls. Unique overlap joining for continuous graphics, patented instant curves, clever but simple tension system

This is an ideal solution for open show areas where you are not provided with back and side walls, creating your own walled stand. Can also be hung as a shell scheme.

the great thing about Curvorama is ita can be re used in reception areas and meeting rooms when you not at exhibitions.

Need a private area or changing room Curvorama can make a great sectioned off area.

Show suit

Show Suit Green Grass2 wpcf 480x480Need to stand out in the exhibition crowd, ShowSuit is a easy to hang tensioned fabric display. This system folds down to fit into a over the shoulder bag.

ShowSuit turns a standard shell scheme into a huge stretcher frame for vibrant, tensioned fabric. It's the perfect solution to rows of uniform booths. Stand out and shine!

Combine with ShowFloor our printed non slip floor covering to create an extra vibrant display.


Shelltac header main head2 Easy smooth on exhibition graphics. ShellTac is our easy to use graphics which are easy to hang and look as professional as rigid, printed exhibition panels but are less expensive and because ShellTac comes in one compact roll, you DON'T need a VAN to get it to the exhibition.

Clever, tiny adhesive dots make ShellTac easy to apply.  Air bubbles are simply smoothed away.

Combine with ShowFloor our printed non slip floor covering to create an extra vibrant display.


The VBanner rollout banner system allows two people to easily cover the exhibition stand providing an eye level banner display. Vbanner Velcro 3 01 wpcf 480x480This is a cost effective reusable banner system idea for trade stands and exhibitions.

VBanner is great for exhibition tours where there are a range of exhibition areas of different sizes .


Corporate Insignia manufacture quality re-usable name badges with a no minimum order requirement: this means that every business, club, conference, hotel, tea shop, school, restaurant, etc., can avail themselves of our high quality  re-usable name badges. 

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Rosie Lugoisi




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New design for Watermills events ltd

Watermills supply a range of bulk water services to the construction industry, emphasising the challenge of health and safety requirements for safe drinking water on site. Providing welfare services and high volumes of water to suit your requirements.


Visit the


New design for Watermills events ltd

Have you got your bottle?

BottledockTM is the new drinking water at music festivals and other events. Always, chilled and always filtered. It’s good for you and it’s good for the environment.

Explore this site for more information and to pre-order your flat bottles for use with BottledockTM.



Web design

Nepromote specialise in search engine optimisation(SEO) and Internet promotion.

Whatever the size of your business and website; from small businesses to industry leaders,

Netpromote can enable you to develop your online presence and use your website to the full.



Netpromote have been building and maintaining Websites since 1998. 

Contact us for a free consultation on building or redesigning your Website. 

We have design packages to suit all budgets from simple brochure sites for small business to large E-Commerce sites with 1000s of products.


SEO and Promotion

Netpromote Search Engine Optimisation Services

Netpromote provide tailor packages to optimise and promote your website.

Website optimisation is an important step in attaining the search engine positions.


Reporting & advice

Netpromote can help you track your online position and visitors to your site.

Netpromote provide consultancy to our clients on all aspects of the Internet and doing business online.

Netpromote will provide a free evaluation of your site and what it requires.


Web Design Services

  • Web Design 
  • Content Management 
  • E-commerce Set-up
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Online Promotion 
  • Blog Management

Graphic design

  • Bespoke Web Graphics
  • Flyer Design
  • Logo Design


  • Event Photography 
  • Product Photography 
  • Business Portraits 

PC SUPPORT services

  • Anti-virus Services
  • Home and Business IT support

Our Expertise


Netpromote have been providing web design services to a wide range of clients since 1996.

We are specialists in implementing and designing for Joomla and Wordpress Content Management Systems.

Netpromote aim to provide the client with a web site that they can edit and update easily, allowing them to expand the content of the site on a regualar basis.

Netpromote do offer content management services, helping client keep their site up to date.


Seo Service

Seach engine optimistaion and promotion

The main source for people coming to your site will be one of the 3 major search engine Google, Yahoo or Bing, with the majority coming through Google. 

SEO will prepare your site to be listed in the search engines. Dependent on the competition for the keywords you wish to achieve this process may be sufficient to achieve a place in the top listing with basic promotion, however to achieve popular keyword we will need to promote your site and increase inbound links.